"Martini Tees", 5-Pack of 3 1/4" Standard or Step-up, 6-Pack 2" Standard Only

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1.00 LBS

A different approach to teeing up a golf ball using a tee with a much larger cup than a standard tee. The larger cup allows the tee to tilt as far forward as possible while keeping the ball on the tee. When the ball is struck the tee seems to help put overspin on the ball. The balls flight is a little lower but more penetrating with yards more roll-out. The ball flys straighter too. All this from a tee? Well, we've tried the tee...it works! Honest! You'll get used to the "lean" when the ball flys straighter with more roll. With the large cup it's easy to place the ball on the tee. The tees last a long, long time and are very easy to find after the ball is struck. There are 5 brightly colored tees per pack. Don't forget to "lean" the tee!!